Clockwork Princess Feels.

I finished Clockwork Princess a long time ago but I decided to post my feels anyway. It’s the best ending I’ve read so far. It just leaves you happy and empty at the same time. It’s an ending that left me happy and heartbroken at the same time. Of course I’m sad that Will died and Tessa is gonna wander the earth for as long as time goes by but with Jem cured and all it’s amazing especially when they talked about the Fairchilds, the Lightwoods and the Herondales. It means The Mortal Instruments setting.

City of Heavenly Fire, the last installment in The Mortal Instruments will come out next year May and I’m just so excited, Cassandra Clare has released some snippets hinting Jem and Tessa’s presence in it and clues of the Cassie Clare’s new shadowhunter series to be released 2015 which is gonna be called The Dark Artifices and I’m just so excited cause the new main character(which is, yes, another strong heroine) Emma Carstairs, is Will and Jem’s descendant. Plus her parabatai is a guy, Julian Blackthorn, whereas Cassie has hinted that she will fall in love with him which is forbidden since they’re parabatai. The characters from The Dark Artifices will play a dark role in City of Heavenly Fire which no one yet has an idea on what they’re doing but we should know that they’re still kids in there so I’m excited cause it seems like it’s Sebastian’s doing. 

If you have read City of Lost Souls, Julian’s the little kid there with the candle wax in his hands.


Living in the present.

Everyone has their own fantasies and day dreams. I fully understand that its normal and that it is a part of some unwritten human law and that is however in the codex of a rational human being. Being human if I might add or simplify in terms of even I, cannot understand at what point am I getting. The point is, everyone dreams and all of us at some point of our lives, stare into nothingness and think about what we wanna be when we finally get to go out of our own bubbles.

They say you only live once, and that you have to make the most out of each second of our lives cause we never really know when is our last hour or how much we have left. But is making the most out of everything the solution to a total happiness and never ending joy? Is it really the concept we all fail to grasp?

I doubt it. For me it’s just an escape, a shortcut, to patience, hard work, hardship and any notion that keeps us from having to endure a certain length of travail and the thought that hangs at the back of our minds that this is it. The life. It is, but our perception that life is one big party. It’s not all about having fun, climbing your way in and out of some social jungle, rising to the top.

Making the most out of each day can be really dangerous, it can lead to really really bad choices. Bad choices are mistakes, and even though the damage is done the road can still go on. Who knows what is at that end of the road. If we try to act like pissy princesses all the time, if that’s what we call living it out and becoming divas and superstars in the wrong places then it’s dangerous indeed.


First HDR.

I have been so engorged in HDR Photos ever since the day I had the knowledge to do it even in the slightest bit. 

So here I am, 12 am in the morning, in a lot of pain, trying out my hand in HDR.

I know, it looks horrible the there’s bad exposure and detail. I’m not even impressed with the raw photo, I just didn’t have a wonderful present saved file slash stuff to work with.

I just wanna keep it so I can see my progress. Wish me a lot of ingenuity! Image


We just can’t stand it.



Excuse me for using Blackberry-low quality pics, I didn’t have a camera with me this day but I just have to put it here cause this day was so much fun.

Me and Patty ..

Played with a cat.

Ordered a Buko Pandan Shake that’s so sweet, I swear we had sugar rush.

Got lost in the middle of somewhere.

Ate too much junk.

Got distracted by food signs.

Getting spells.

Field Work.

I’m in sophomore year!!!! Though, I still don’t have some pretty interesting major subjects and the only major subject that we’re all expecting that we’ll be good at turns out that things are about to get ugly because we’re not happy about certain “things” that I won’t mention specifically here out public where everyone can open and read. 

So it turns out that we’re not gonna have so much fun at all with this “major” subject because

a) We’re always snoozing off.

b) Boring lesson plans.

c) Predictable Project Plannings and Stuff.

I mean I just can’t wrap my head around trying to analyze stuff, standing and walking around for hours asking people the obvious. It just doesn’t cut it. Though, I think it has something to do with my “if you can see it, write it” mentality, which I think is pretty cool and a pretty accurate coming from someone who is pessimistic about academics and world politics and the like. 

Then we are being forced to review a lesson that we didn’t work so much for an exam, then we are expected to do a field work which requires an exorbitant amount of time, money, energy which we also lands on a group with a very demanding leader(nothing negative on that one) then we are actually expected to sit for one full hour to someone who have this heavy accent that we cant accentuate properly.

Sometimes it’s not fair.

The best thing about this whole regimen and scenario is that I got to experience some real field work where there’s real people involved where they are not shaped according to how I want my ink to look when I do with pen and paper.

Some people just write and write and I think that’s amazing just shutting out all the things for a moment but the thing is, you can’t run away from reality and you will have to face it once and for all and this project woke me up. After going home with a stomach full of junk, an empty feeling, worn grimy shoes and the lasting pain on your feet that will haunt you for days, it makes you appreciate something you see so worthless and makes you long for more in the future cause it just keeps your feet on the ground.

Makes you appreciate the simplest things. It makes you think again and again. Then you learn. 

Books are undoubtedly wonderful. They bring life to the impossible. They bring color and imagination. Indeed they widen the skies so that birds can fly farther. More. 

They say seeing is believing. I do know that. Though, there are things that you don’t need to see to believe. Like faith. Love. Air. 

I don’t know where exactly am I getting at but I guess you get my point. 

I’m just about to ponder on the best way to type out a conclusion on how I can show a terse but striking paragraph on what I have learned. 

I have learned that it’s not enough to be a smart ass, because as I reflected on the pain on my foot that’s numbing my nerves, being a smart ass is not smart at all. You’re just so good with complains and excuses and the like. Being smart is different.

This could get worse you know.

That’s probably one of the worst conclusions in the face of the universe but you’ll have to do with it. You’re smart after all.